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Wade // Child Portraits // Downtown Belmont, NC

Me: “Are your teeth yellow?”

Wade: “No, I brush them every day!”

Me: “Are you sure?!”

Wade: YES! See….*big ole toothy grin*

And that’s ladies and gentlemen how you get a very active little boy to smile!Child Portraits

I was so excited when my second cousin, Amy, emailed me about doing some portraits for her precious little Wade. We met up, talked over some outfit ideas, and I got to play with Wade’s trains…with him of course! 🙂 Last time I had really spent any time with Wade, he was a newborn. Now he has grown into quite the active and adorably hilarious little boy!

For our photoshoot we met up in little town of Belmont at my friend, Lawson Brackett’s adorable little shop, LB’s Southern Specialities in the General Store. (Y’all, she’s got so many amazing products and a great thing going there. Be sure to check it out!) Belmont knows how to do small town life right! If it was in SC, I would move there in a heartbeat. They have it all: great shops, restaurants, parks, art..and more is always coming! There is everything you could need or want without the hustle and bustle of Charlotte. Can you tell I love it?

Belmont became Wade’s jungle gym!

It’s so important to me that kids have fun during a photo shoot! The more posed and stiff they have to be, the more incorporative they become. I try my best to make everything a game. We found an inactive train car that Wade got to climb all over and “drive” = the perfect distraction for any little boy! Across the street was a beautiful park with a playground, wide open green space, a pond, and picnic shelter. Wade and I played on the playground, ran around the pond, and posed with the statue. We played peek-a-boo, “hide your hands behind your back”, and “show me your yellow teeth”. Yes, those are all real games y’all. (Funny how they worked every time too!)

Wade turned out to be quite the little model and to finish it off, he got a lollipop for being so fun and awesome! (aka another great photo op!)

Enjoy his photos and try not to swoon too much over those amazing big blue eyes! (I kept thinking I had over edited them but NO, they are really THAT blue! love it!)Child PortraitsChild PortraitsChild Portraits
Child PortraitsChild PortraitsChild PortraitsChild Portraits
Child Portraits
Child PortraitsChild Portraits

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