Smile | Supporting Bulgarian Orphans

I know, you’re so confused…right? Let me explain:

First off, if you don’t know, I lived in Bulgaria. Yep…as in Eastern Europe. Nope, not Bolivia. Bulgaria. I also love kids. Like, a lot.

I met my friend Christina while I was living in Bulgaria. We did weekly bible studies together and soon I started helping her some in her orphan ministry. She became a big sister to me. She is one of the reasons I can look back at that time in my life with a smile.

When I started my business, I was looking for a way to put together my love for photography and my desire to support my friend, Christina, in her continuing ministry (now with her husband).

Coincidentally, her ministry is called: Smile, Bulgaria.

I am so excited to say, that when you book with me and order products, 10% of every product order will be donated to Smile Bulgaria!

Meet the Stoimenovi & Smile, Bulgaria

stoimenoviChristina met Spas while living as a missionary in Bulgaria and they were married just a few short years later! As a couple they serve as missionaries to Bulgaria with Global Outreach. Together they founded Smile Bulgaria, a foundation dedicated to helping children from institutional backgrounds integrate into society in healthy and meaningful ways while also providing alternatives to institutional care.  Christina and Spas have now opened the very first family-based home for orphaned children in Bulgaria. What you might not know: Most Bulgaria orphans live in government based orphanages that are usually in very poor condition. Many of them have learning, social, emotional, and possibly mental disabilities. They are also looked down upon by society. THIS is why their ministry is SO vital.

Several kids have already been adopted because of their ministry and making huge strides in personal development and interactions with other. Y’all, this is really a huge and exciting!

These Are Their Goals:

  • To provide a safe, loving home for as many children as possible by providing all of the support, care, and opportunities possible.
  • To help members of the community, especially the local church, get involved in the lives of these children in meaningful ways.
  • To be instrumental in breaking down prejudice toward these children, and especially toward the Roma population throughout Bulgaria.

If you feel let to support them please check out the info below. Otherwise, know that a portion of your product order will be going to help kids get out of institutional living!

CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE for more information on who they are and what they’re about! Follow them on FACEBOOK and sign up for their EMAIL LIST!