Meet Katie

Hey y’all! I’m Katie.

I’m an artist, wife, friend, daughter, and follower of Christ.

Most days you can find me running out the door with a cup of coffee splashing in one hand and too many bags hanging on each arm. I’m currently living out my small town dream with my handsome hubby, Matt, and our sweet pup, Beau, in the upstate of South Carolina. I’m a Cardinals fan who married a Red Sox’s fan…BUT at least he doesn’t cheer for the Yankees.

People know me as the “Bulgaria girl” after I spent my teenage years being shaped by the beautiful country. I’m a big city raised, world traveling homebody who is passionate about family, giving back, and Sunday naps. I love babies, photography, painting, typography, and bread (yes, my weakness.)

Chances are you’ll catch me with a coke in my hand at some point but sitting down with good friends over a cup of coffee and honest conversation feeds my soul. There is no struggle that prayer, dark chocolate, and Matt’s hugs can’t get me through…and I would have written this whole post in lowercase letters if I didn’t think it’d annoy you like crazy. 😉  (So as you can see, I’m also considerate) 😛

I love making new connections and the more places I live, the more I realize HOW small our world is! Reach out and say hey! I’d love to hear from you!

katie and matt

photo credit: Paige Phillips Photography