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Brock // Portraits // Winnsboro, South Carolina



As many of you know, I’ve moved around a good bit and therefore I have many friends from many different areas. Usually they get classified by where I was living at the time: my “St. Louis” friends, my “Bulgaria” friends, my “Erskine” friends etc. Brock fits into that last group: my Erskine friends.

However, I also have another name for her. (Isn’t she gorgeous!?)


Brock is my art bestie!

Brock and I were two years apart in school but met when I changed my major from Psych to Visual Arts and began taking an oil painting class. When you’re 1 of 3 people in your class and 1 of 3 art majors in your year, you get to be super close with the others in your major very quickly! I still miss the nights where Brock and I would meet in the printshop (our studio,) paint all night, and listen to music or stream Netflix. We had a little Subway across the street that we patronized (too often!) for a much needed pick me up of coke and cookies. Those are the moments that built a strong friendship between the two of us!

Brock and I share a love for art, whatever it may be! She’s the first to tag me in any awesome post on Facebook (you know the ones where people do crazy creative drawings with sand or something and then you feel like your talent is out the window), help me when I’m stuck with a project, or teach me a new medium of art I haven’t tried out (that’s currently watercolor!) Brock has such amazing talents and does beautiful work. Lucky you, she works on commission!


It was so fun to get together with her a few weeks back and just have fun being creative! We ate lunch and drank tea at the Cornwallis House Tea Company. It is the most adorable little tea room in Winnsboro, SC right on main street. Brock showed me around Winnsboro and took me to some special places that her dad had a huge hand in bringing to life. My favorite place was the Mission Ridge Golf Course & Retreat center that was once Fairfield Country Club. This is a ministry that Brock’s dad started and now his best friend runs. Brock is so much like her dad – in looks and spirit – and it was so encouraging to see her still treated as VIP at the retreat center πŸ™‚

It wasn’t until I was on my way home that night that I realized how much I really needed that time with Brock. I felt so rejuvenated having a day away and not worry about catching up on any work, cleaning my house, or paying my bills! It was just a chill day, drinking tea and creating art. And it was beautiful.


Show Brock some love y’all!

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    Lori R
    January 5, 2016 at 9:24 AM

    These shots of Brock are just gorgeous. Two thumbs up!

    I love how you capture her smile & her bright eyes. And the color is perfect.

    • Reply
      January 5, 2016 at 9:49 AM

      Thank you Lori! I really loved photographing Brock. She’s so stunning and hardly needed ANY direction. Pretty much the perfect model πŸ˜‰

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