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Ashley // Girl’s Weekend With Smoke Bombs & A Camera

Ashley Portraits


I’m not much of a “school” person. Honestly, if my parents didn’t put college applications in front of my face I probably wouldn’t have filled any out. I know, that sounds silly but I was so over school at the time. I went to college because I knew, in our world today, you have a better chance at a successful career with a college degree… and deep down, I did also want the college experience. While I received a very good education at Erskine College, one of the biggest blessings I gained were the relationships I made while I was there.

Without Erskine, I wouldn’t know Ashley.

And that right there is a story.

I remember the first time I met Ashley. Honestly, I’ve always felt like she picked me and decided we were just going to be friends before I even knew it. Not to sound prideful and not that I didn’t want to be her friend, but it was almost one of those “Hey, I’m so and so. Ok great, let’s be besties now” type things. Β We met during orientation weekend at Erskine and I remember she asked me what kind of donut I liked. A couple weeks later she messaged me on Facebook and all I remember is our conversation really made no sense at all. I thought, “Who IS this girl?” Then on move-in day Ashley walks in with a dozen donuts, bringing me my Boston Creme. Within the first few weeks I started to really get to know Ashley and her crazy, fun, hilarious, and sporadic personality. Suddenly all those conversations that didn’t make sense online made sense in person. It was just one of those “Ashley” things.

Months passed and we ate just about every meal together, hung out in each other’s rooms when we weren’t in class, and would take evening trips to Walmart together. I’ll never forget one night when a group of us were on our way to the “big city” on country back roads and Ashley suddenly (while driving) screams, “I can’t see. My eyes. I can’t see!” I look at her and she has one hand covering her eyes, the other on the steering wheel, and we’re all panicked and yelling, “What do you mean!?” Seconds later Ashley calms down and say, “Nevermind guys, I’m good now.” Yep, that’s when I knew we’d be friends for awhile. Because she needed someone to keep her alive πŸ˜‰

While she might not really need me to help keep her alive, I definitely do need her friendship. Since Ashley is an only child and I only have a brother, we soon became sisters. We’re the friends that aren’t afraid to tell each other how it is, get frustrated with each other, make fools of ourselves together in public, and send each other those I-just-woke-up-like-this snapchats you wouldn’t let anyone else see. Even when we’re apart we still manage to shop together. Most of my wardrobe gets approved by Ashley through text messages and most of my business ideas get run by her first.

Ashley Portraits

One of the hardest things about finishing college is suddenly your friends are gone. They’re not gone, but they’re not down the hall anymore. Now that Ashley is in Charleston and I’m in the upstate, we don’t see each other as much and the day to day business make it hard to keep up regularly. So when she said she was coming up to the big city of York, I was so excited! I had some new photo shoot ideas I wanted to try…with smoke bombs…and I just knew Ashley was the perfect guinea pig. Of course, she was up for it.

We spent one afternoon grabbing lunch at my family’s general store, McGill’s Store,Β then headed over to my uncle’s land to take some photos. We may or may not have had a few sparks hit us and we may or may not have…definitely did…seen a wolf (which ended our photoshoot). As always, an afternoon with Ashley is an adventure, even in the middle of nowhere.

We ended the day with the tour of home in historic York, SC and a nice dinner at the wonderful Garden Cafe.Β It was so much fun to have a carefree girl’s weekend and have a taste of our college days back.

Be sure to check out this gorgeous lady’s photos and leave her some love below! Contact me if you’re ever interested in trying a similar photoshoot. I definitely haveΒ some ideas of what I’d try differently next time with the smoke bombs, but overall we got a few good ones!

Ashley Portraits Ashley Portraits Ashley Portraits Ashley Portraits



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